In general, the costs of heat pump heating are approximately 3-4 times lower compared to the cost of heating oil and more than twice as low as the cost of natural gas heating.

The costs of heating or cooling with the use of a heat pump or the savings generated by heating or cooling with the help of a heat pump depend largely on the size of heating devices and the thermal characteristics of the building. Large savings can be achieved by heating the building with lower temperatures of water in the boiler, which requires larger surfaces of heating devices or the use of more efficient convectors and a well-insulated building with glass surfaces with low heat losses. If you are deciding to construct a new building, it is smart to include low temperature heating already in your plan of heating devices and in the selection of insulation and windows. Nevertheless, heat pump heating often proves to be economically justified also in case of existing buildings if heating devices are complemented with convectors, if windows are replaced if necessary, and if façade is additionally insulated. Which type of heat pumps are appropriate for certain buildings, how powerful do they have to be in view of the thermal characteristics of the building and heating surfaces, and how will they be integrated into the system in order to minimize heat losses can only be determined by a professional who is well familiarized with individual types of heat pumps and who is able to evaluate the thermal characteristics of the building. Our company will gladly be at your service.